Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Attack of the Little Green-Eyed Monster

Not the Halloween kind. The kind that pops up when you're reading other beautiful blogs and see all the fun projects, meals and crafts they do and you check out their profiles and you see that one after the other, they're all Stay-at-Home (work-at-home) moms. Notice I did mention Work-at-Home moms...those moms who work for a living....by blogging.....from home. So, am I envious of the mini pies on a stick? or the home decorations for every. single. holiday? or the hand-sewn birthday party gift tags? No. What I covet most of these bloggers is TIME. Time to be home for my family. Time to clean out the cabinet full of stray food tubs and lids. Time to finish or even start projects I have waiting on a list. Time to have a spotlessly clean house. Time for cooking, homework, excercise, cleaning and time with kids. Add to that school programs, Auxiliary meetings,  kids' sports. I know, they do all those things too....but do they do it in the 3.5 hours left in the day after slaving away for someone else?

Now, my first instinct is to pout and feel sorry for myself and cry into a box of Little Debbie Swiss Rolls. Oh Debbie, you know just how to cheer me up:
BUT that would just send me into a downward spiral of devil's food and self loathing which, if you think about it, IS the devil's food. (hmmm a good subject for a bible study. But I digress.) So I'm realizing that I may in fact be an Erma in a sea of Marthas. That's not so bad...is it? I choose instead to take the advice of my #1 fan and my #1 hero, Daddy McD. His plan for time managment is simple and ageless; Baby steps. Make a list. Schedule the time. It sounds good on paper, doesn't it? But when you're a flighty, late-blooming, procrastinating, full-time working stiff like me, it's like climbing a mountain. A mountain of Little Debbie Swiss Rolls.

Baby Step: mentally catergorize things to accomplish
Make a list: things to get done daily

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