Friday, February 8, 2013

A Place for Pickles

A while ago...a long while ago, I salvaged a cute and fab vanity chair from the roadside. It was a mid-century treat to find it and I took it home to love.I sat at my vanity for a while, but after Pickles' vanity make-over I decided she should have it. Sometimes I really hate making permanent changes to vintage finds. I love the old look of them so I try to find ways of updating without altering.

In this case, it wa as simple as sewing up some quick covers. Naturally I wanted it to coordinate with her room and that was easy because I used the bedskirt for her bed!

For the back of the seat, I simply cut a a rectangle and sewed up the top and the side leaving the
 bottom (already hemmed, thanks to the manufacturer!) open to slip over the back.
In my fabric stash I found a great piece of purple stretch velvetine. I folded that in half, just like the bedskirt material and sewed up two sides again, making a sleeve to slip over the seat.
Finally, for the skirt....literally, I made an elastice waistband skirt. I cut more of the bed skirt fabric and folded the top over to make a "waistband" for the elastic. I ran elastic through it and sewed the two ends together. There's a great tutorial here at DanaMadeIt.

It was an easy project that was quick to make. I dare venture to say, you could get the same results with iron-on fusable tape instead of sewing. It turned a chair into a little throne!


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