Friday, August 29, 2008

Brain Fart Friday

So I just KNOW there was something I was gonna post about and for the life of me, I can't think of what the heck it was!!

Who cares, it's Friday and I have a three day weekend coming up, Yay!!! Mr. McD will be working, the kids will be at their dad's. This mean 3 whole days of uninterrupted crafting (till 5 o'clock when Mr. McD gets home). Don't think I don't have my 'to do's' ready. *rolls out list*

Let's see ... there are two pressing items. The first is to make a seat cover for Mr.McD's jeep. That should be fairly quick since it's just gonna be some slip-ons with velcro closures to allow for the hardware. I had him pick up some painting drop-cloths from the hardware store. Will wash them tonight and begin tomorrow morning.

The other will be a fab-oo messenger style book bag for Princess Buttercup. Her teacher gave her a binder to use instead of the standard folder. It just doesn't fit in her kid-size-appropriate backpack. I picked up some oilcloths at the Fredricksburg Trade Days. Now i finally have a project worthy of actually cutting into them. She spent an evening and a morning going back and forth between I'm gonna make it out of both. Yeah, me smart.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Never go to Eleven...

A month? A whole month? Wow...I never even went to Eleven.

Well needless to say I did get my sewing machine fixed...but not before the man at the repair shop convinced me to buy another one (refurbished of course) to take home right away. And right away, I finished pillow totes, yay! Here's one of them (listed on my etsy of course)

I was so excited this Monday morning when I opened my etsy and found that I had made my FIRST SALE over the weekend! What a wonderful feeling that was. Tracy from Seattle bought a pillow tote from me. She doesn't know it yet, but I sent her a little pin just for being my very first customer. And just to give me that extra boost, my fab mom (the very person who made me a crafter) bought another pillow tote and my Joan brooch. Aaawww, thanks mom!

BTW kids started school on Monday and were glad to do so. Little man was excited a week before, Princess Buttercup was unhappy until the very morning. As she got ready and as we walked to class her excitement grew and grew. All was well by Pledge of Allegiance time!

So I'm gonna start another batch of pillow totes this weekend (maybe sooner). Kids will be with their father and Mr. McD will be working. Also starting on my dioramas for Christmas. I'd like to have a whole bunch of them, but each scene takes so much time, don't know how many I can reallistically crank out. So far I have 5.

Oh and that top ten that goes to Eleven? Let's finish that off, shall we?
8) A certain earth citizen of amphibian persuasion left this world. It was covertly replaced with a look-a-like to avoid princess drama.
9) On the Fourth of July, Mr. McD drove the firetruck in a couple of neighborhood parades. Little McD and I tagged along behind ... I knocked down an old lady's mailbox BY ACCIDENT. Don't worry I replaced it, with love even. Holiday mayhem; good times, good times.
10) We started some gardening. Started, not finished. but started.
11) ... has already been shown to you. The crafty goodness of Pincess Buttercup' diorama but I'll show you again for good measure. She may sell these on my esty.