Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Tail of Christmas

Animal lovers know that our furry friends are part of the fun at family get-togethers. They hang out, they photobomb, they beg for scraps. They can even get in on the gift giving. Now that Christmas is over, I can tell you that Mother Darling got a special present from her "granddogs".

The pooches decided that Mother Darling should have a sweet trinket to keep them near to her. A photo bracelet is just what Santa ordered! Pepper and the gang asked for my help due to the fact that well, they don't have thumbs. The materials included:
Photo charm bracelet (on clearance at the craft store)
Clear bubble stickers
Small printed pic of the granddogs
First thing was to cut the pics to fit inside the bubble stickers. The easier thing to do though, was to just place the stickers on the pictures. Then I just cut them both out!
Once all the pics are cut, I just glue them into the bracelet. Easy peasy, right?
Now Mother Darling has something fab from her favorite paw pals!

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