Thursday, March 13, 2008


Well, the spyware is gone. The children (temporarily) banished from the computer. I thank Mr.McD, of course, for coming to my rescue. Didn't do much by way of crafting last night. We spent of a couple of hours at the park with the kids. Baseball (or some semblance of it) was the game of choice. I managed to finish some wall plaques for my bedroom and upload some pictures for my etsy, that was about it.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

ding dang spyware!!

I want to list more items on etsy. I want to post a picture of my fancy new headboard (actually it's my same old headboard with a facelift. read: new paint job by moi). I want to print some pix of the kids. But can't do these things...ask me why. Yes, because of the trojan horse spyware that got into our computer! Frickin' Trojans...except for that Bana guy, he's hot. I uh, I mean...yea, verily, I say, he is fearfully and wonderfully made!
I'm sure that at some point today, my hunky hero of a hubby is gonna call and say that the situation is normal. I'll just sit here. . . and wait. . . . In the meantime please enjoy the lovely pix I've added to my blog. I feel funny writing that, "my blog". I'm no computer whiz, by any stretch of the imagination; I'm not a politics fanatic, I'm not a Martha Stewart type, I'm not even particularly angry about anything. But I had to put these random thoughts down somewhere and Lord knows I've got my fair share of little scraps of paper.

Monday, March 10, 2008

new day

Listed our first etsy item today; the scented crystals that I love so well are now for sale. I'm pretty proud and Mr. McD is, of course proud too. Love that man! I have to say, if it wasn't for my fab honey, I wouldn't have done this much. He doesn't just support me, he encourages me and believes in the things I like to do and can do . Thank you so much, honey!

Anway, I listed the 'breezy beach' scented crystals and they look pretty. Here's one of the pictures I listed them with. I really need to list all the other jars (3 different scents, 5 jars of each) but there's a problem. Some little person who shall remain nameless (frankly because we don't know which one it was) allowed a trojan horse to get into our computer. We have spyware and I can't do a dang thing to fix it. Darling Mr. McD will have to figure it out. He's a man's man, he can fix it...or y'know, pay someone to do it...or y'know, mash the dang thing into a million bits. whatevs.