Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Knights who loan

And now for something completley different...
This week's Kiva team is obsessed with "swallows, 42, and three questions". You got it, Team Knights Who Say Ni. Now, they currently have 3 members but I KNOW there are way more Monty Python fans out there...especially ones who say "Ni". Join your brethren who give because: "We would like to help out mankind, and repay karma for saying Ni to old ladies." They given $100 so far and I'm sure you can give them a leg up.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We CAN all get along...to loan

When fighting something big like poverty, it takes a concerted effort. We gotta set aside differences to accomplish a big goal. This week's Kiva team does that. Team Atheist/Christian Alliance was "...brought together by a podcast that seeks to find common ground and understanding". I think we all can agree that empowering and impacting impoverished communities by supporting entrepreneurs matters. Team Atheist/Christian Alliance gives because: "We care, despite our differences". They have 28 members and have loaned over $5000. Join the team and join the conversation over at http://www.achristianandanatheist.com/

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Team Over-exposed

Well, it had to be. I mean there's no escaping it and Pickles will get tickles. This week's Kiva Team is dedicated to everyone's favorite teen bloodsucker. Yes, it's Team Edward. With 11 members, Team Edward has loaned just over $2000. Team Edward gives because: "...we love protecting those we love (in our case everyone) as much as Edward does, we have foreseen great and good change in the world as we loan..." There you have it, lovers of progressive vampires unite.

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