Monday, March 10, 2008

new day

Listed our first etsy item today; the scented crystals that I love so well are now for sale. I'm pretty proud and Mr. McD is, of course proud too. Love that man! I have to say, if it wasn't for my fab honey, I wouldn't have done this much. He doesn't just support me, he encourages me and believes in the things I like to do and can do . Thank you so much, honey!

Anway, I listed the 'breezy beach' scented crystals and they look pretty. Here's one of the pictures I listed them with. I really need to list all the other jars (3 different scents, 5 jars of each) but there's a problem. Some little person who shall remain nameless (frankly because we don't know which one it was) allowed a trojan horse to get into our computer. We have spyware and I can't do a dang thing to fix it. Darling Mr. McD will have to figure it out. He's a man's man, he can fix it...or y'know, pay someone to do it...or y'know, mash the dang thing into a million bits. whatevs.

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