Monday, October 27, 2008

The Red Hot weekend

Yes, this weekend was a fiery one. It was warm yes, but mainly I refer to the Houston Fire Fest put on by our Fire Dept. There were demonstrations, moonwalks, food, music, trainrides and several vendors. Sadly, Mr. McD was working this weekend so it was me, Little Man and Princess Buttercup. They made sure to wear the FD shirts Mr. McD got for them. Of course, Princess Buttercup just HAD to wear her 'fireman' boots to top off her look. Little Man was mostly 'checking out the babes'...and hiding out in a sea of tough guys!
I've been working like crazy on bags for an upcoming craft show. No, no sneak peek, but I can tell you, they're pretty much like Princess Buttercup's first bag...the giant one. Except these aren't so giant. Yes, I've made some adjustments.
There's a great messenger bag tutorial over at Craftser. I like this one because I always want folks to explain stuff to me like I'm four years old. Pics n everything. Go see. I'll soon post a few pics of the bags I have going.

In the meantime, I give you a hint at what my next post will be about ...

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