Monday, September 19, 2011

If buttons grew on trees...

I've been dreaming of a scene with buttons. A scene where the sun is buttons and the clouds are buttons and the trees are buttons and the grass is buttons and...well you get it. It would be a little diorama maybe, because I like finding things to do and make with my buttons! So I decided to start with a tree. A simple, pretty little button tree.

The materials are basic.  (Of course) Buttons, a twig from outside, a styrofoam ball -and a half, green paint, hot glue, yarn, and a jar lid   Just trust. The first thing I did was paint the ball  green like so....

While that dried, I did the fun stuff; going through the buttons to pick out great green ones!

Then the gluing began. I left a space to stick the twig later. It's looking good already isn't it? So, I glue and glue til the ball is covered in fun green buttons.

So once it's covered, it's time to set it up on a base. No sense in having a layin' down tree, huh? Now comes the half styro ball, and the jar lid.
The tree will stand in the styro half and the stryo half will be weighted down by the jar lid. Otherwise, my little button tree will be top heay and topple over...repeatedly. When the tree was nestled into it's little spot, I got my green fuzzy-wuzzy green yarn that I bought without knowing when I'd ever use it.

I can't remember if I started at the bottom or at the top  but I wrapped the yarn all around the stryo and the jar lid. It was a bit tricky because as you can see it has those long, fine hairs, oy! But it was worth it! Look at that cute little button tree; it's so....button-y!! I will now give it a happy little home with my other fun stuff until I make it's companions for a button scene.

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