Friday, December 16, 2011

And last but not least...

...the beloved teacher. This being the last day before the Christmas vacation, Pickles didn't want to show up empty handed. She still didn't have a gift for Ms. S,  her wonderful teacher this morning! Being the only non-teacher in a family full of teachers, I once got solid advice from my sister with regards to gifts. "please, don't give me a teacher-themed gift!!"  Duly noted. So now we try to make personalized gifts that do not have to do with teaching...

Well, a quick rummage through the craft supply boxes rendered the ingredients for a sweet, quickie ornament.

- decorative craft paper (This teacher gives a lot of story writing assignments and Pickles LOVES writing. Her choice was a print that looks like a hand written letter)
- small embroidery hoop
- a letter sticker
- ribbon

Using pinking shears, she cut a circle just a bit bigger than the embroidery hoop. Then she wrote a personal message on the back of the paper.

She placed the sticker on the paper, put the paper in the hoop and added the ribbon.

Ta-Da! Here's Pickles modeling her handmade ornament.

And here's Chief McD photo-bombing her with his best Jimmy Durante impersonation.
Merry Christmas Ms. S!!

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