Thursday, September 4, 2008

Birthday Boy and GIANT BAG

This Labor Day was my wonderful hubby's birthday. He's 35 again! yay! The Queen Mother and Sister Kewpie came over. The idea was to craft like mad-women all day; we actually worked on making him a big and hearty Birthday dinner comprised of a huge pile of meat. It went over quite well! it pleased and flattered him which of course, sent him straight into "shy & quiet" mode. Happy Birthday my Hunk of Burnin Love! and many thanks the Queen Mother and Sister Kewpie for they're graciousness!

So while my little princess was at her dad's I made her the cutest little bag. It's messenger style, very pretty prints on oil cloth. I put pretty little embellishments on it. I had it ready for when she came home. I knew she'd like it and when she saw it, she did. She squealed, ooohed and aaahhed over it. One problem: the bag is WAAY too big for our Princess Buttercup.


Just look at the size of that thing! WAH. So I deciced last night to work on it and maybe reduce the size just a tad, no? The trick here is that the bag is made from oilcloth (not true oilcloth, mind you or there would be no problem) so I'm basically punching a hole in plastic every time I sew it.

She's off to her dad's again this weekend, I'll fix it up then probably adding some interfacing (live and learn) to reinforce the stitches just a tad. Wish me luck!

The good thing is that her classmates we're ga-ga over the bag and one of them asked if I could make one for her too. Sure I can, kid....for $35 bucks! aaahahaha! Just-kidding-but-not-really since once I get the logistics down, I think these would be adorable bags to add to my etsy shop!

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