Thursday, May 31, 2012

The first of many...

So what does the first day of the rest of your life look like? Well, for me it looks something like THIS:

YIKES!!  That's our catch-all station in the kitchen. Or, it looks like THIS:

WHOA!! That's my kitchen "pantry". And it looks like THIS:

A desperately messy craft area. It's not uncommon, but still...just LOOK at it. So the first day of the rest of my life is almost literally, a mess. I'd feel worse about it (and believe me, I used to) until I found that so many working moms had a house like this. Of course there's a fair share of super moms with a career, impeccable house, well groomed kids and gourmet meals on the table. I don't happen to know any but I applaud them nonetheless. But here, we're more of the Bombeck crowd.

I must be honest that having never not worked, I'm altogether excited, apprehensive and worried. I've been less domesticate and more domesti-CAN'T. But I'm ready to channel my inner Donna Reed or June Cleaver and make ol' Aunt Martha proud!

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