Friday, September 28, 2012

A Wild Hair

You can almost guess what's going on here. Obviously I'm at the salon. Obviously, I'm getting my hair done. What's not obvious is what's going on under those foils. I got a sudden urge to do a little something fun. For years I had wanted to add a plum tint to my hair. But when I went looking for plum hair on the webs, I came across something I liked even more. Try not to laugh...purple stripes (or highlights).  So I went with it....
and my favorite hairstyle...

I gotta tell you though, when I asked for the purple highlights, my hair dresser kidded with me that it was a mid-life crisis. Now I've seen little old ladies with purple hair and I've seen young gals with purple hair. But where does that leave us gals in the middle?

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