Thursday, April 7, 2011

Week One Check In

So it's been a week and I've got my goals and baby steps outlined. I did, in fact, go to the gym to get my tour of the new facility (since I haven't been there in a loooooong time). I dug out my gym shoes and old workout clothes. Bring on the Pain!

I've inventoried my ButtonsMcD stock and have begun to carve out a schedule. Though, it looks like most of my stuff I'll sell from my blog because the items are too special to me! In realtion to that, I'm throwing a hand crafted brooch into the goodie basket for the Launch. Yay!

I have to share this great find that was right under my nose. My dad, who passed away at Christmas, left lots of stuff at my house. Most of it has gone to the thrift store. Just a few items went to the Ladies' Auxiliary's yard sale. I did keep one thing, though. A vintage travel carry-on bag by Samsonite. It's in my favorite color, light blue. I found it in Chief's bedroom while looking for something else. The more I looked at it, the more I realized I wanted to use it... as my briefcase. First things first though, I had to clean it because it was disgustingly dingy. I tried a wet cloth, then I tried a soapy baby wipe. I could see I was getting nowhere fast so I looked for professional help. I called on Rachel from GetReadySetGo at Etsy. She sells such fantastic vintage luggage for every purpose. Rachel reclaims and renews great pieces and revamps them with fun graphics. Please check out her collection! Armed with Rachel's advice and good-ol' elbow grease, I set out to clean up that bag.
It worked! Just look at the difference from the dirty side to the clean side. But as predicted, it was A LOT of scrubbing and my arm is sore. My hat goes off to Rachel, I can't imagine refurbishing all those bags!
So what was the advice?
The simple but effective 'magic eraser'. Of course there are brand name ones, but I bought the store brand from my local grocery and it worked great!

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