Sunday, April 3, 2011

Trash n Treasure

Yesterday, Saturday, was a fun day with the gals. Our Fire Department's Ladies' Auxiliary held a yard sale at Station 1 and it was great! We were looking for a good fundraiser. When our Secretary suggested the yard sale, it was right up everybody's alley and we couldn't make it happen soon enough! So we set the date for this weekend, the first weekend of April.

The hardest part for me was getting up early on a Saturday morning. Our Secretary, however, was eager to get there not-quite-bright and early so she was already there when we started streaming in.

It was still dark out when we set up our tables and our lovely President helped haul boxes of goodies out to the tent. But wait, what are those little orbs in the foreground? Drizzle. DRIZZLE! It looked like we might get bad weather. We pressed on nonetheless with favorable predictions for the day.
We also had some firefighter help!

Finally, Dawn began to break! A couple of ladies brought donuts and breakfast tacos to get us going. We had lots of fun getting the sale off the ground.
See this gal? She got the jump on me with regards to a certain milkglass lamp. See, the night before we all dropped our stuff off at the station. Well after I'd left, but before she did, someone brought in an adorable milkglass lamp. She bought it on the spot!! Arrrgh! But she's so sweet, how can I hold it against her?

And this dear gal was in the original Ladies' Auxiliary 'back in the day'. Now her son is a firefighter and she gives us lots of good food for thought!

As the morning wore on, the customers steadily came in. Our Secretary really brought her game and played Shopkeeper extraordinaire! We also got lots of little visitors and our Firefighters made sure they were well recieved!

The town little league football league was having it's registration day so we were witness to a quick game of b-ball...Wildcats vs Firefighters. Who would win?

Did anyone notice my outfit by the way? I picked something classic with relation to our future logo! Let's see if it looks familiar...

This a great bunch of ladies and I'm so glad to work with them!
Oh, and the milkglass lamp? Well the dear lady GAVE it to me!! What a sweet gesture! Can't wait to find it a happy little spot to show it off!

Hope your weekend was a fun as mine!
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