Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Three pounds and counting

So I've got 3 lbs down. I'd be more excited if weren't the same three pounds that go up and down all the time!! It's the weekends that are doing me in, y'know.

Being a full-time working mom, I envy bloggers who post their cute and tasty meals. Those who actually have time to take pictures of their food while it's cooking! Enter squash. Yellow squash. Daddy McD has taken quite a shine to grilled yellow squash as a replacement for pasta. It's fleshy enough, light tasting and really goes well with pasta sauces. This is perfect for me because 'grilled' basically equals BURNED squash. A food that I can leave burning while I'm filling orders, looking at homework, cleaning or even -yes- taking pictures is awesome in my book!

Actually quick and simple pasta alternative: Grilled Yellow Squash. Here's the recipe:


Voila! You've made grilled sqaush! It's great with pesto, butter, marinara, meat sauce or any thing else you'd add to your favorite pasta dish! It's perfect for working moms like me. When I get home, it's dinner time and the grilled squash is quick and oh-so-easy. Bueno provecho!

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