Friday, May 6, 2011

One Prissy Mother...

...make that two! As Mother's Day approaches, I try to come up with fun gifts for Mother Darling and the Top Nun (aka my dear mother-in-law). But this year,  I'd been thinking about it since Homecoming...of last year. I so enjoyed making my son's Homecoming boutonniere; something I hadn't done in a while and forgot how much fun it was. I started thinking that it was too bad we only use those Homecoming mums once a year. What else could we use them for? Offbeat corsages

I assembled and decorated the mums with different ribbons. I added sparkly garlands of silver stars. They add a lot of 'bling' to a project, gonna make sure to stock up on them at the next Christmas clearance!

 I bought the big letter stickers at the party supply warehouse. Then I had each of the kids decorate one of the additional ribbons. They wrote notes, used glitter, stickers and wood cutouts.

These are so fun to make, I'm gonna HAVE to add them to the shop. They'd be great for Bridal showers, Baby showers, Mother's Day, Birthdays and so many more special occasions. I might be a little addicted to making these....

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