Thursday, July 28, 2011

Button, Button

So I think you can tell why my nickname is Buttons...I love them! Old ones, new ones, shiny ones, faded ones, simple one, ornate ones. In a forum I can't recall at the moment, another button-phile posed the question about what to do with all those buttons. Any self respecting button lover will have a jar or two or ten of wonderful buttons. But let me share a fun way to show off a few of your lovelies.

Frame 'em! How fun and special my favorite buttons look when shown off in a pretty and petite frame.
First, I picked some frames.

I got these in the dollar section at Michael's. Craft store, dollar store, yard sale even the thrift store are all good places to find small, decorative frames.

Next I dove into my stash of fabric remnants. Those little scraps that are too big for stuffing but too small to make anything. Choose your fabric to go well with your button. You don't want your button getting lost in your fabric pattern.

I cut the fabric to the size of the frame insert and put it in the frame. Then, using a good double-sided tape, I stick the button to the front of the frame.

That's it! I get such a fun way to show off those fantastic buttons. I can change them out regularly if I wanted to. it makes a neat little vingette for some extra wall space.

it's just one way to have fun with your collection. I'd love to hear from other button-philes about their display ideas. They're so fun, how can you not?
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