Thursday, November 17, 2011

I fall to pieces...

...or Tale of a Short-lived Delight.

Imagine exactly that: my delight when I found this adorable pair of vintage ashtrays (paired together for no apparent reason) for only $1.50. One, a gold leaf with 24k gold glazed on it. The other, a perfectly sweet and frou-frou light blue, mid century ashtray with gold paint brushed all over it. I drove home with them thinking of all the trinkets I as going to fill them with at my vanity!

Now imagine my dismay when I walked though the door, went to set my purse down and let go, instead, of the bag with the ashtrays in it. I knew instantly that they were broken. WAH!!!

Well I got out the glue and tried to put it all together...and I almost did it. But when I got down to two pieces to join...they just didn't. So now instead of a dreamy, beautiful, vintage piece in my bedroom colors...I have something that looks like a second grade Father's Day project.

The good news is the smaller one, the gold leaf, made it through with just a little nick and was fixed easy it's not a total loss.

Note to self: Ceramics break. Easily. Pay attention.

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