Friday, July 25, 2008

"45% of the way there!!" or...Top Ten that drags on

Seems like I'll never get to 11! well, my fabulous bags from the last post are on hold for now. I realized that my rinky dink 'hello kitty' machine is not going to cut it when it comes to mass production (mass = more than 3). The Brother that Mr. McD bought me went to the shop today. The repair guy said it's defiantely worth fixing. He also managed to talk me into buying a refurb'd machine with the promise of a ridiculously low, under-the-table price for fixing the Brother. Updates on my new machine tomorrow.

In the meantime, please feel free to oooh and aaah over this cute little 'diarama' made by Princess Buttercup. She worked on it as I was making some of my Christmas ornaments. I think it's such a funny expression! I'm trying to convince her to make a few more but I think she may be through with the whole thing as she has moved on to sewing.

As our countdown resumes we find we've already, made a headboard, stuck a bean in our ear, broke a hand, bought a car and got gutted. Let's see what other fun the clan can get into.

THE SIXTH thing that happened was that we went on our family vacation. We loaded up the minivan, piled in the kids and had ourselves a good old fashioned roadtrip. There was no hot blonde traveling alongside (thank God) and no crazy aunt dying on us (double thank God). If you don't get the reference, just keep moving.

We first went from Houston to St. Louis and neighboring parts to visit the my inlaws. The weather was cool for a Texas girl like me. I even required my sweater at night, Yikes! We had loads of fun visiting with little cousins. MIL and SIL made fabulous dinners for us while we were there. We were treated to a minor league baseball game that, I have to say, I think was far better than a major league game would have been. It just felt so cozy and "small town-y". Everybody made us feel so welcome!

From STL we forged on to Pittsburg and its neighboring parts. The main event there of course was the famous Kennywood Park one of the nations oldest amusement parks. There are a couple of books about Kennywood and it's history and it's actually quite interesting! If you ever have a chance to visit Pittsburg, do yourself a favor and go to Kennywood.

THE SEVENTH thing that happened was that me and my kiddos all had our B-days in the month of June. While in St. Louis, the family threw us a birthday party/family gathering Luau complete with leis! The dinner, made by elder Mrs. McD, was DELISH! there was presents (of course) and best of all CAKE! don't have pics to post yet, but I PROMISE they're coming!!

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