Wednesday, July 16, 2008

oh, it's on now...

So my cute little kewpie doll of a sister started a blog...putting me to shame for NOT updating since oh...let's see....MARCH.

Inspired to catch up, I'm posting today. I don't have anything exciting but I just HAVE to put something down. Maybe I can give you a rundown of stuff that's happened since March. It's good stuff, I promise...stay posted ahaha!! See what I did there? 'stay POSTED'. oooh, crack myself up.
BTW here's a picture of me n Sister Kewpie...I'm the tall one in the pink. She's the ....kewpie.

1 comment:

linnievilla said...

LOL kewpie, couldn't you find a better picture of me? lol
I have one at work...more tomorrow :)