Friday, July 18, 2008

The Catch-up Countdown -or- Top Ten that goes to Eleven

So, as promised, I'm catching up on all the stuff that shoulda been blogged but since I was busy doing the stuff to blog about, I didn't blog. I'm bringing a Top Ten list of Stuff that happened...except My list goes 'one more' doesn' t it? Now bare in mind, I work for a living, so all things will not get listed today. (this will also give me stuff to blog for a few days, won't it? MOO-HOO-HA-HA!)

PhotobucketFirst thing that happened: I painted my fabulous headboard It wasn't that it was a bad headboard, or ugly or anything. Just needed a change up to match the decor in my bedroom. It's quite pretty; it's a pale blue with a darker blue "age" rubbed into it. Does that even make sense? In the center of it I painted some tree branches with flowers. Love it!
Second thing that happened: Princess Buttercup felt the burning urge to stick some sort of "bean" in her ear. The discovery of this went something like this:

"Mommy, I think there's something in my ear." I sit her down, head in my lap to try to clean or wash this myserious thing out. As she's sitting there, she says to me, she says,

"I think it's a bean".
"why do you think it's a bean?"
"because I think it's black" .....HMMMM.
"how do you know it's black?"
So she goes on to tell me how she thinks it may or may not, be a seed....a seed that she might have put in her ear, but maybe not. I ask if she's running for office. A visit to our beloved Dr. Don is promptly scheduled.

seed mach2 ann baxterThe seed, bean, whatever was extracted but not with out much pain and anxiety. Here you see both the bean and Princess Buttercup doing her best Ann Baxter.

But wait! It doesn't end there, no. You see, my children are MASTERMINDS at finding ways to injure themselves or insert foreign objects into their bodies.

Third thing that happened: My darling little man broke his hand. Whilst making an earnest and vehement effort to not miss the bus, he managed to simultaneously take out a locker with is knuckles and totally misalign his hand into a cool Mr. Spock formation. Below please find photographic evidence of this one-two punch of future-marine destructive power.

knuckles cunha
Just look at that knuckle. The bruise covered the top of his hand and his palm as well.
We can make him faster, (slightly) stronger, but not more careful...

Well that's the first three things on the list. Off to an exciting start, huh? See told you the stuff was good. Not ABC Afterschool Special good, or Lifetime movie good, but maybe a Leave it to Beaver episode good.

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