Thursday, January 12, 2012

Funding the Future

Last week I talked about KIVA, a micro-lending website that funds small business owners and budding entreprenuers most of them in empoverished countries or conditions. One thing I like about Kiva are the lending groups I'll feature every week. And so I bring you this weeks group: Star Trekkers. Are you a Trekker? I am. Not just the original series, but TNG, DS9 and VOY. Sorry, Enterprise.

Members of team Star Trekkers give because: ... "we can; & because Gene Roddenberry would certainly approve. The first step on the road to any future is to believe that the future is possible & the secret goal of any true trekker must be to help others live long & prosper. Even a Cardassian can see that...."  You got that right!  It seems their biggest portion of loans go to retail businesses. While they currently have only 40 members, team Star Trekkers has loaned amongst them $12,200! That's impressive....most impressive OOPS! Wrong 'Star' guy, my nerd worlds are colliding!

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