Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year and more

A New Year on your doorstep is like a blank canvas. It's full of promise, it's got lots of potential. You can fill it up with anything! It's a fresh start for fresh ideas and fresh perspective.

I can't wait to bring some new stuff to the blog. There's stuff on my mind that I want to share with folks out there. There will be some craft challenges for projects that I'll be doing with my circle here. Hope you join in on a project or two. I'll be trying to find ideas and helpful tips and timesavers that really work for gals like me; working moms of the Bombeck variation. Diet-y goodness will be added to the menu as well as awesome items I score on my budget via sales, roadside or even free. I'll also introduce you to Kiva, a website and community that empowers people to empower themselves.

Stick around!!

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