Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Holy Fortnight!

I wish I could find an awesome reason for not blogging for almost two weeks; getting lost in the rain forest, being on a secret mission, whisked away on a surprise vacation. Alas, nothing has kept me from being productive except life, real life. Cooking dinners, fillings orders, house cleaning, grocery shopping and faithfully serving my corporate masters are the things that have kept me away. And then of course, there's Pinterest.

But I've made good use of my time. I cleaned up the catch-all cabinet in our kitchen...the one that looks like a teenager's school locker exploded. I'd add that I cleaned my craft space,

but it's messy again and will always be (except for when I take pics of it!)

But today I met with a surprise free time combo: boss let me leave early, Ladies' Auxiliary meeting was canceled and the Baseball Parents' meeting was canceled. Yay! So here I sit explaining myself. Now, I still have to cook dinner, but I think I'm gonna make it a quickie. I have chicken breasts in the fridge and last night's spaghetti sauce. Throw 'em in the pan and fuh-ged-aboudit!

now where's that To-Do list......

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