Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Faces, New Places

Besides the crafty goodness of Aunt Peaches' valentine swap, y'know what I liked? I liked visiting the blogs of other participants. It's a cool way of getting to know folks out there. I like reading not just about their projects and passions, but about the minutae of their lives.

I found "Sara vs Sarah". I love the premise of this blog, the two Sara/hs take on project challenges each with her own twist. They've been friends a long time and now craft their little hearts out together. aawww!

I found out one blogger has a band kid like me and may even live near me and may have even attended the same sience fair on the same weekend!! I deduce this from the pictures.

I found out one blogger is a Sci-Fi and zombie geek like me!! She's been into the zombie thing way longer than the current craze, like me! Unlike me, she got to meet Judith O'Day of Classic zombie movie fame (Night of the Living Dead).

I found out one blogger has an awesome button collection!!

Reading these blogs do make it feel like a small world!

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