Monday, February 6, 2012

Get Ready to Swap!

So I got my valentines done and sent out for Aunt Peaches' Valentine Swap. The idea was to send handmade valentine cards to three recipients and you would get valentine cards from three senders. I hope my recipients like theirs as much as I liked making them. I decided on making mini garlands.

I used classic Valentine materials: paper, ribbon and some doilies. I cut scalloped hearts and punched holes on either side.

I then strung them together with red ribbon. I used doilies to cut more heart shapes which I then laid over the red hearts.

I then added some letters (stickers). A short Valentine poem is written on the back of each garland.

I couldn't have a cute little garland in a plain ol' envelope so I wanted to make heart shaped pockets. I cut heart shapes with zig-zag scissors and punched holes along the "sides" of the hearts. Then I stitched two hearts together with a button stitch (of course)! I put my valentines' names on the hearts. Here are the finished valentines:

Thanks to Aunt Peaches for putting on this swap!

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