Friday, December 7, 2012

holiday lights... and lights

My tree trimming is all done and I don't mind saying I love it!!  As I'm sure you do, I have my steps and methods for getting a tree that is full, bright and just right! I mentioned before, I stuff a couple of garlands into the center of my artificial tree to make it look fuller. When my tree is nice and fluffy, I start adding lights, extra lights, since our tree is pre-lit. LIGHTS LIGHTS LIGHTS!
Years ago Mother Darling taught me to brighten my tree with a most basic trick: put reflective, refractive ornaments on the inner branches. Doing this first bounces light around really making your tree sparkle! Use ornaments that are:
these are actually plastic ornaments but they're made to look like cut crystal. Think clear plastic stars or snowflakes too!

A classic, of course! So shiny, and that mirror finish means every
ornament adds several extra points of light!

 Hello...if they're good enough for the skating rink slow jam, they're good enough for me. A ball covered with mirrors is perfect...amariteorwut?

trick I just got from Aunt Peaches.

She uses little puffs made from tinsel to 'thicken' her tree. When I saw them, I knew I MUST use them for extra sparkle. Boy does it work! Placed in the inner branches, each puff becomes a little cloud of light!

Once my 'base' is down, I can add all the other layers of decorations on a shiny, sparkly canvas!


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