Saturday, December 8, 2012

it's not junk, it's Junque

And then there's a little something for mom. I call it my Junque Tree. It sat in the attic
unused last year but I wanted to bring it down and let it show off. Plus, the family's tolerance for my quirky taste only goes so far so....

Since I didn't have ornaments ready for this little tree, I decided to raid the craft supplies and store items for cheery decorations.

These scrap medallions were a given.
And when I saw these ducks at the dollars store, I just couldn't resist!
The prize ribbons were a must, they're so colorful...and for sale :-)
Of course, a Christmas tree needs a garland. I added my ruffled two-tone streamers which just brings in a whole, mexican pinata feeling.
And these stars are a long-ago craft project for gift giving on a budget.
I found a few left in the attic and threw them on!
One of my favorite things on this tree is my hard candy bottle cap garland. Bottle caps strung in cellophane to form a fun addition to my tree.
My MOST favorite decoration is my heart from Pickles. It was a Valentine's gift but now...

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