Monday, December 3, 2012

filler up!

I don't know...should a tree be this bald?

This is our christmas tree. Daddy McD prefers an artificial, pre-lit tree to a natural one. I could go either way as arguments for each are valid. However, THIS tree in particular has a certain something missing.

We'll call them branches...or sprigs, or tree. Yes, it's quite decidedly missing a certain amount of TREE. Look at it! you can see clean through every part!

There's still hope, though. A simple solution really. I stuff it with garland. Not the thin tinsel-y kind. the thick, wire-y kind that you hang on mantels or banisters. I stuff it into the empty spaces. It fills up the bald spaces and garland is super easy to score cheap at after Christmas sales or, my favorite store, the thrift store. Thrift store ones are best if you're using them for filler or some sort of background.

Here you can see the center pole right through the tree. a big empty space wating for some filler.

I just take a swag and wrap it around a level or two. Of course, once all the ornaments are on, it will look much fuller but the garland gives this tired old tree just a little more life.  Now, isn't that better?


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