Saturday, November 3, 2012

"Barbed wired" wreath...or Howdy, Y'all!

Yes, a barbed wire wreath, but not really. While rummaging through the picked over Halloween remnants at the store, I found some fake barbed wire. It looks pretty cool  and I knew just what I wanted to do with it!

I've been longing for a Texan themed wreath for our not-so-grand entry to the casa. I think the barbed wire is perfect! I started with a hanger that I simply pulled into a round shape. I wrapped the wire around it only adding dabs of hot glue to hold in certain places. (I might add right now that this could also be a "crown of thorns" for a religious themed project.)
I left the two end strands loose for later in the project.
Next, I wanted our initial in the center of the wreath. To go with the country/Texan/rustic theme, I wanted it to look like hay. I got some raffia and a large chipboard "M" at the craft store and began wrapping..
 I covered the short edges first so they would'nt be exposed later
Then just wrapped the raffia around the letter.
With my M wrapped up, I attached it to the barbed circle and put the two loose ends in front of it.
The end result was my country initial wreath. that looks rustic and cool!
McD mansion welcomes you!

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