Friday, November 2, 2012

Thanksgiving - Day 2

Motherhood! It's sounds so cliche to say that it's the toughest job you'll ever love but it's true, so true.

You introduce this tiny new person to the world and it's your job to get them LEAVE you! You have to help them navigate through the issues of life. Comfort and assure them that they're "not the only one". Equip them with not only knowledge but a functioning moral compass, a kind but wise heart, a productive spirit and belief in themselves. I don't even have it together and I'm supposed to show somebody else? Don't eat the brown acid!
the little darlings on the first day of school

THEN I get a bonus kid. Know about bonus kids? It's awesome; it's another little person to love but without the fat belly, swollen ankles, vomitting and, eventually, labor pains that make you wish you were dead. Somebody else does all the work, you get the extra lovin....BONUS!! I've been fortunate twice now to recieve the blessing of bonus kids.

My stepson, Elvis, a jack of all trades. Seen here at the Fire Fest.

 Also my stepson A.C. from a previous marriage. Loved him since he was days old (long story).

So yeah I'm grateful for my little and (not so little) blessings. Motherhood....yeeeaaahhhhh.
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